Bringo Fresh: Connecting farmers to consumers at a click

In Uganda, 10 million tonnes of fresh produce valued at Shs16 billion goes to waste annually. 

This is one of the challenges facing many smallholder farmers who struggle to find ready buyers of their often-perishable produce after harvest.

Bringo Fresh a local company is working to change this. The Ugandan firm seeks to cut down on food wastage by linking farmers to consumers through a digital-aided supply chain. 

“If you move around the markets in Kampala, you will see how food is wasted or poorly handled by food vendors. You realize that the problem is deeper. Where I come from, you see the same happening on the farms. Farmers remain in poverty yet agriculture is the backbone of the nation. This is why I came up with Bringo Fresh.” Brian Matsiko the CEO of the company said in a video interview. 

Clients can access the service by using the company’s mobile application on both IOS and Android devices. Alternatively, they can visit the company website to place their orders. He added that all the farm produce sold on their platforms is fresh and organic. The firm delivers to most parts of Kampala and Entebbe at a small fee. Some of the products it deals include vegetables, fruits, fish and meats. 

“By using Bringo Fresh to purchase produce, you are supporting local farmers, and consequently fostering the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU).” Matsiko said in a previous interview.

Bringo Fresh is playing an important role in the lives of many farmers and a large section of Ugandans are involved in agriculture. According to the National Household Survey 2016/17, agriculture accounts for the largest share of employment for Ugandans standing at 36%. 

The firm buys produce from more than 1,500 smallholder farmers across Uganda every week. 

Farmers are additionally taught safe food handling techniques which ensures that produce is not compromised at the harvest stage. The business has the capacity to move more than 30 tonnes of farm perishables from farms to businesses every day. 

By eliminating intermediaries in the farming supply chain, the company also offers farmers better rates for their produce since pickup is guaranteed after harvest as they are not left at the mercy of intermediaries. 

The company also carries out B2B function where it supplies farm produce to other businesses such as restaurants and hotels which have demand for produce of a certain level of quality.

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