About us

Launched in the Summer of 2021, Innovate Uganda is a new breed of news website for the next generation of African tech enthusiasts, innovators and entrepreneurs. Based in Kampala, we aim to give a voice to the region’s burgeoning tech and startup communities.

The African tech and startup scene is bursting with ideas, talent and opportunity, but remains criminally under-reported. Already a tech and startup revolution is underway across the continent. With Uganda at its epicentre, this revolution is driving progress – towards a cashless Africa, a more safe and secure Africa, a more prosperous Africa.

Through diligent reporting as well as interviews with and insight from the region’s key players in government, the private sector and civil society, Innovate Uganda will serve as the Ugandan ecosystem’s mouthpiece, news source and home.

We look forward to highlighting opportunities in the local markets while giving African innovation a launchpad onto the World stage.

Editor-in-Chief Adam Maddock

Senior Reporter Mark Kawalya