Afrosoft Develops App to Connect Ugandans Living in North America

By Mark Kawalya

An app has been developed by Afrosoft IT Solutions to connect Ugandans in North America with fellow Ugandans back home. The UNAA app is a tool that will be used to share and experience the beauty of Ugandan culture and showcase some of the opportunities North America has to offer. Available on both IOS and Android devices, the application will also be a means of networking between Ugandans in North America and those back home.

Henrietta N. Wamala, the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) President, said, “We thank Afrosoft for developing the UNAA app that will bring together Ugandans living in North America and provide a platform on which we can network and share some of the things that we as Ugandans have in common.”

While explaining how the application will function, Wamala mentioned that it will serve as a repository for information about UNAA and upcoming events. The app will also be used to live stream UNAA events. The first of these being the Ugandan Northern American Association convention and trade expo held in San Francisco starting on September 2nd to the 5th. The expo was held at Union Square with the theme” Recovery beyond the pandemic: Embracing new opportunities for a greater diaspora.”.

“On the app, we have a Community Module that allows users to post videos or photos and share ideas with the UNAA community to allow interaction with people. “It also has groups such as fashion, technology, and culture where anyone interested can join and interact with other group members,” explained Wamala.

According to Wamala, another feature of the app is its conference mode, which allows people to view stakeholders such as sponsors and exhibitors along with event programs. Users are also able to view the UNAA leadership, such as the current president, and other leaders, allowing app users to interact with them as needed.

Afrosoft IT Solutions, the app maker, entered into a partnership with UNAA, which Ronald Katamba, the founder of Afrosoft, said was an opportunity for both entities to work together and promote the BUBU (Buy Uganda, Build Uganda) project.

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