Airtel, Badili Africa Partnership to Offer Ugandans Affordable Refurbished Phones

By Mark Kawalya

Airtel Uganda, a telecommunications provider, and Badili Africa, a re-commerce start-up that specializes in refurbished handsets, have entered into a partnership to offer Uganda’s affordable, high-quality smartphones. For many Ugandans, high-quality smartphones are out of reach due to high costs, impeding their ability to remain connected and actively participate in the digital sphere.

The partnership between Airtel Uganda and Badili Africa is a deliberate strategy with the objective of improving the availability of high-quality smartphones in the Ugandan market. This collaborative endeavor serves as evidence of Badili’s dedication to offering cost-effective substitutes and advocating for sustainability via the repurposing of electronics.

The partnership, according to Airtel Uganda’s Chief Commercial Officer, Amit Kapur, aims to increase smartphone penetration and make this potent technology accessible to a greater number of individuals, given the infinite possibilities that smartphones provide.

This is our pledge in support of Sustainable Development Goal 9, which aims to expand the availability of information and ICTs.

It is anticipated that this partnership will significantly influence the smartphone market in Uganda, facilitating cost-effective mobile device upgrades for consumers and thus contributing to the region’s sustainable and interconnected future. The rising consumer demand for smartphones in Uganda highlights the need for creative strategies that equip consumers with cost-effective alternatives. in acknowledgment of this obstacle.

Customers of Airtel Uganda can trade in their old phones, top up, and acquire any smartphone offered by Badili through this partnership. Additionally, they will receive a 100% bonus on weekly and monthly data bundle purchases. In addition, this initiative will enable Badili and Airtel Uganda to properly retrieve and dispose of outmoded smartphones that have been discarded into the environment.Airtel, Badili Africa Partnership to Offer Ugandans Affordable Refurbished Phones

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