Airtel Uganda introduces Dabodabo Data

By Mark Kawalya

The race to offer better data deals in Uganda is gaining momentum. Following MTN’s revision of its data packages that saw subscribers get more data amounts at the same price points, Airtel Uganda is now offering its clients double the data they used to buy for the same amount of money. Dubbed Dabodabo MBs, clients will, for example, receive 30 MBs instead of the usual 15 MBs they were getting for UGX250. 

The telecom firm has made the data amount adjustments to ensure data affordability for small enterprises and to give an incentive to their users who prefer daily data bundles.

“Growing equitable access to the benefits of the internet requires investment in a 4G network, which Airtel has done. It requires affordable Dabodabo MBs data, which Airtel is known for, and lastly, it requires affordable 4G smart devices.” said the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Manoj Murali.

The firm also unveiled the Benco Y40, a smartphone that has been dubbed the most affordable 4G enabled device. This is in line with Airtel Uganda’s goal of fulfilling its mandate of providing affordable universal access to the internet. The device features a 5-inch LCD screen, with 32 GB storage capacity and is driven by a media-tech 1.4Ghz quad-core processor. The Benco Y40 retails for UGX163,000, but a buyer pays UGX250,000 at the telecom’s outlet, with the difference in cost getting the client 13GB of data that is redeemed as 2GB initially, followed by 1GB for each remaining month. 

In terms of application, the Benco Y40 is well suited for some of Uganda’s rural areas where internet access would be a transformative tool for boosting the lives of people.  

“We are here to support the government in the private sector-led digital transformation of Uganda by presenting the cheapest 4G smartphone on the market,” Murali added. “We are committed to supporting this segment with affordable data because it is the glue for micro-enterprises. We, however, appeal to the government to reduce taxes on entry-level smartphones to reduce the cost of the devices and further reduce the cost of data as more people will be connected to the internet. “

The simultaneous launch of the Benco Y40 and the Dabodabo data bundles is aimed at providing an affordable smartphone that new users can use to take advantage of the new data offer.

25015 MB30 MB
50040 MB80 MB
1,000100 MB200 MB
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