ChatGPT: The tools usage soars worldwide amid ethical questions on use

By Mark Kawalya

The world is experiencing the power of artificial intelligence firsthand thanks to a chatbot called ChatGPT that is astounding many with the intuitive prowess it uses to accomplish tasks. Dubbed the most powerful tool in the world right now, ChatGPT is a next generation language generation model that was created by OpenAI to execute tasks in the field of natural language processing.

There has been widespread use of the tool due to the following.

  • High Proficiency: The BOT has been trained on a large amount of data and is able to generate human like responses with high degrees of accuracy.
  • Multiuse capabilities: ChatGPT can be deployed for many types of natural language tasks, including content generation, language translation, and question answering.
  • Ease of use: The tool is available as an API, making it easy to integrate into different services and applications.
  • OpenAI, the firm that developed ChatGPT, is a reputable company with a proven track record in the field of artificial intelligence.

Only a few months after its rollout, the tool is experiencing a spike in global demand.

China ranks the highest in demand for ChatGPT closely followed by Nepal and Norway. Singapore takes the fourth place while Israel is fifth. Interestingly, the United States has no noteworthy demand for ChatGPT, perhaps this is due to their continuing dominance in this field.

Other countries that have a high demand for the tool include Lebanon, Canada, Palestine, Morocco, and Kenya.

Despite the apparent success of ChatGPT, the technology needs to overcome several limitations standing in the way of its ultimate growth and adoption. For the example, the tool needs to be updated with current data since its knowledge is limited to 2021. This gives search engines a clear advantage over the BOT.

Although ChatGPT is enjoying its winning streak, the future will likely see more formidable competition. Entities such as Google, which owns the largest search engine and has a highly adept AI team, will be critical in developing an alternative.

However, not everyone is a fan. Some, critics have asked how ethical the BOT is since it can give students the ability to write assignments without much effort on their part. Writers can also use the tool to generate content without much input despite taking payment for their work.

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