Chil Femtech unveils Africa’s first e-hygiene shop

By Mark Kawalya

The world over, technology is being utilized in different ways to enhance the quality of healthcare and how it is accessed. This is especially significant in areas with less developed infrastructure. One of the areas that requires improvement is the hygiene of healthcare facilities, especially in far-flung health centers in different parts of the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that basic hygiene necessities such as soap, water, or alcohol-based hand rubs are not available in half of the world’s health institutions at critical care points such as restrooms. It is estimated that 3.85 billion people are at higher risk of infection as a result of this shortfall.

With the opening of Africa’s first e-hygiene shop, Chil Femtech Center Inc. is joining the arena and taking on this challenge. The firm launched an online tool to improve the cleanliness of Chil’s partner healthcare institutions, which are dispersed throughout Africa. Based on the E-pharmacy model, The E-Hygiene Shop provides access to a range of medically recommended hygiene goods from internationally recognized manufacturers such as Reckitt. This digital platform has been launched for Chil’s associated school sickbays and rural clinics; however, it has a plan to expand its reach to additional healthcare facilities in the near future.

The CEO and co-founder of Chil Femtech Center, Dr. Shamim Nabuuma, emphasized the significance of this, saying, “It is unacceptable for a patient to walk into a health facility for treatment only to contract an additional ailment due to inadequate hygiene standards. Our E-Hygiene Shop is a bold step towards ensuring that patients receive care in infection-free environments, which is important pivotal for their recovery.”

Additionally, the E-Hygiene Shop features a flexible ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ plan, a feature that allows healthcare facilities to quickly improve their hygiene standards without facing immediate financial constraints. This move aligns with Chil Femtech Center’s dedication to providing partner healthcare facilities with the essential tools and resources they need to scale their operations by offering services that are in line with the stringent international healthcare best practices.

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