Chris Baryomunsi: Uganda Working to Fast-Track Digital Infrastruture to Achieve the Digital Vision 2040.

By Mark Kawalya

Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, the minister of ICT and National Guidance, said the government is fast tracking digital innovations so it can achieve the 2040 digital vision. While offering his remarks at the Huawei ICT Congress 2022, the Minister stated that the ICT sector is one of Uganda’s fastest growing and is a major driver for the country’s acquisition of middle-income status. This is reiterated by the 2040 Digital Vision.

Baryomunsi said this was the reason the government was fast tracking digital infrastructure so it could harness emerging technologies like some of those that were showcased during the Huawei Congress.

Baryomunsi emphasised. “We need to look to the future of digital and start implementing the necessary digital infrastructure so that we are not left behind,” Adding that “In building robust ultra-high speed, pervasive, intelligent and trusted high-speed ICT infrastructure all over the country, the government has diligently worked towards expanding the nation’s digitalization in a number of fields, in order to unleash the multiplier effect of ICT on associated secondary and tertiary industries for tremendous impact on the economy.”

He also commended the National Information Technology Authority, Uganda (NITA-U) and the Uganda Communication Commission, along with other entities that have played a role in digitizing and providing affordable internet across the country.

Baryomunsi further expressed gratitude to Huawei for organizing the Huawei ICT Congress that showcased current technologies like Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Big Data and the Internet of Things, just to mention a few.

“One of the reasons why we came up with the 2040 Uganda Digital Vision is to effectively use and encourage adoption of mature and emerging technologies. “I am deeply impressed by their [Huawei] advanced technology, especially their [Huawei] achievements in network security and 5G technology.”

Huawei’s Vice President of Carrier Business Group Southern Africa, Mad Chen, said the company is committed to working with the Ugandan government in its quest to achieve its digital vision 2040.

“We are innovating and inventing for the fast-approaching digital world and economy. We have invested heavily in our R&D to pave the way forward for everyone,” Chen said. He added, “Huawei will continue to play its part in helping its customers achieve digitization by, increasing strategic investment into foundational technologies to reshape the technical paradigm, and continuing with its globalization strategy, in standards, talent, supply chain, and much more. In Uganda, we hope to continue working together with the Ministry of ICT, NITA-U, UCC, and all other regulators in Uganda to help you achieve the 2040 Digital Uganda Vision.”

The Huawei ICT Congress is a replica of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which is an annual event held in Barcelona, with Huawei being a top exhibitor that showcases industry changing technology.

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