Copia Global to Establish Modern Fulfillment Center in Uganda

By Mark Kawalya

Business-to-Customer (B2C) firm Copia Global, a firm that simplifies e-commerce for low-to middle-income consumers, announced plans to build a “State-of-the-Art” Fulfillment Center in Uganda. This plan was unveiled by the firm during a breakfast reception held at Protea Hotel Kampala.

At an event to celebrate its first anniversary of operating in Uganda, the firm announced that the fulfillment center will be constructed in Namanve and will feature a hub that will provide hosting to some of the major data centers, including the government’s tier 3 data center that was unveiled by President Museveni in July 2019 along with others. Copia Global’s Fulfillment Center will serve the firm’s growing client base in Uganda.

In May 2021, the B2C firm launched operations in Uganda and has since served more than 35,000 customers whilst fulfilling over 250,000 client orders in a one-year period. The firm has also grown its staff base from 20 to 200 employees, enabling the firm to positively impact the Ugandan economy through job creation.

In an address to the press, Tim Steel, CEO of Copia Global, said, “We are thrilled about the success of Copia’s expansion into Uganda, which is our first market expansion since launching in Kenya in 2013.” “This is a testimony of Copia’s proven business model and its Pan-African scalability.” He further adds that, “With the impressive milestones achieved in Uganda in the last year, we are now ready to further expand into other African markets, providing essential and quality products to Africa’s 750 million middle to low-income consumers.”

Copia Global has a product portfolio with a wide range of quality products that it offers its customers in over 13 categories that include household, foodstuffs, personal care, beauty, electronics, beauty, school, farming, baby, health, energy, and farming.

The firm has established a network of more than 38,000 agents and shopkeepers who act as order and delivery points across Uganda and Kenya. This gives customers flexibility in choosing how they interact with Copia in both the online and offline spheres.

Diana Adeyemi the Country Director of Copia Uganda said that the company was grateful for the strong relationships they have developed with their suppliers, partners, agents, and employees’ dedication and hard work over the last year. “We owe our success to them and look forward to leveraging these relationships in the coming year to provide even more value to customers,” said Adeyemi.

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