Fix Chap digitally links handymen to clients.

By Mark Kawalya

Fix Chap is a Tanzanian startup that offers quality home and office repairs using a digital system that links skilled handymen to clients. Founded in 2018 by Prince Tillya, the firm’s application offers instant access to various categories of skilled fixers for home and office repairs, maintenance, and installation services. 

The idea for Fix Chap came about as a result of frustration in 2016 on the part of Tillya who while moving into an apartment, had a lot of trouble finding a repairman that would fix the apartment to his liking. Prince talked to a few of his friends and quickly realised they had also previously faced a similar issue while looking to hire a repairman. The venture that started simply as a roughcast idea has quickly metamorphosed into a business to reckon with. 

Fix Chap is gradually changing the way that clients can access home and office repair services. The mobile application offers standardised rates with a focus on reliability, affordability and ease of use. 

“When a customer uses our platform, he or she gets an impression of how much a fixer will charge. The idea is not only to get value for money and quality service but to also save time on the part of the customer and the handyman,” Tillya said in an interview. 

One user Evelyn Nguma says: “I have been using FixChap since when they were operating through a website, and now I can access their services through their mobile App. I must say it has been very refreshing to see them make so much progress! Their services have always been good.”

The Fix Chap application is easy to use with payments issued by the user once the handyman has finished his work and according to the client’s satisfaction. This ensures that the fixer does a quality job and the client is not under duress to pay for the service if the job is shoddily done.  

As well as benefiting users, the application is a platform that provides steady work for handymen who have graduated from vocational institutions, with a section of the app highlighting their credentials. The app also has a review section where both clients and repairmen can rate their experiences with each other. 

Hafidhi Mkongwa came across Fix Chap after doing a social media search for a plumber. A friend recommended that he download the application where he was able to access someone that offered the plumbing services that he needed.

Another user of the platform, Jane Kalumuna, says: “I got to know about FixChap through a friend. I tried them out for my air conditioning and later electrical maintenance. Their service was really good.”

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