Gov’t Authorises Mak’s GMI Labs to Conduct DNA Paternity Testing

Makerere University’s Genomics, Molecular, and Immunology Laboratories (GMI Labs), operating under the Makerere University Biomedical Research Center (MakBRC), have reached a significant milestone in their pursuit of diagnostic excellence. The labs, known for significant contributions to infectious and non-infectious disease research, have received official approval from the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Uganda to conduct DNA Paternity Tests.

Located within the Department of Immunology & Molecular Biology, under the School of Biomedical Sciences at the College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, the GMI Labs have been at the forefront of advanced research, diagnostic testing, and training initiatives. Their effort during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they executed nearly one million PCR tests, underscored their steadfast dedication to public health and scientific progress. The labs’ outstanding performance and reliability were further emphasized by their successful management of two important COVID-19 prevalence surveys. The surveys influenced crucial decisions on the country’s lockdown strategies and phased reopening, earning recognition from both the President and the Ministry of Health.

This recent authorization from the Ministry of Health is a significant expansion of the GMI Labs’ diagnostic capabilities. The approval will provide a vital service addressing the demand for precise and dependable genetic testing to establish biological parentage. In a communication dated November 22, 2023, the Director General of Health Services emphasized the laboratory’s strict adherence to international standards, proficiency in molecular biology techniques, and a proven track record in delivering accurate and credible results. This endorsement further solidifies the labs’ standing as a reliable institution for advanced genetic diagnostics in Uganda.

Professor Moses L Joloba, the Director of the GMI Labs, expressed profound pride in the team’s dedication and expertise leading to this authorization. He emphasized the labs’ commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethical practice, confidentiality, and accuracy in DNA paternity testing, ensuring the provision of dependable results crucial for legal, personal, and familial purposes.

The addition of DNA Paternity Testing to the GMI Labs’ service offerings aligns with their overarching objective of advancing healthcare through cutting-edge diagnostics, research, and education. This achievement not only represents a significant milestone for the labs but also establishes a valuable resource for individuals seeking reliable and comprehensive genetic testing services.

As the GMI Labs persist in their unwavering commitment to healthcare and research excellence, this new capability reinforces their pivotal role in advancing molecular diagnostics and genetic testing frontiers in Uganda, collaborating closely with esteemed institutions such as Makerere University Hospital and other top-tier health facilities.

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