Jinja Diocese Launches Cente-Tech’s Digital Messaging Service for Its Parishes

By Mark Kawalya

The Catholic Diocese of Jinja, has introduced Cente-Tech’s digital messaging service, which will facilitate communication across all its parishes. The service was commissioned in a workshop that was attended, among others, by members of Centenary Technology Services (Cente-Tech), one of the arms of Centenary Group.

The discussion was led by Rev. Father Paul Okello Wandera, and the chancellor of the dioceses and chairman of the Jinja Diocesan Advisory Council (DAC), Mr. Okello Clement William.

The Digital Messaging Service, combines both Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SMS capabilities in local languages and is aimed at enhancing the inclusion of a wider Catholic audience. The service will revolutionize the outreach efforts of the diocese by augmenting communication.

It has always been a priority of the diocese to reach out to its congregation and the community at large, making it necessary for the institution to seek ways of enhancing its outreach efforts using digital communication channels.  

The messaging service has been designed to work across devices and mobile networks, allowing for wider accessibility.

“We are excited to launch this new digital messaging platform in Jina, which will enable the church to connect with its congregation and the wider community more effectively,” said Steven Kirenga, Cente-Tech’s Head of Product & Business Development and Customer Experience.

He added that “our aim is to ensure that every member of the Jinja community feels included and can access the information they need to participate fully in the church’s activities.”

By using local languages, the messaging platform will accelerate inclusion by breaking down barriers related to language. For example, members of the diocese will receive messages in their indigenous languages, fostering understanding and better participation in the activities.

The IVR capabilities of the system will allow members of the diocese who are not comfortable with text-based communication to use voice commands. Members with visual impairments will especially find this feature beneficial.

“We are happy that we shall now utilize this service from Centenary Technology Services,” Rev. Father Paul Okello Wandera, Chancellor of the Jinja Diocese, said.

“SMS and IVR technology can help in the administration of services by providing accessible and convenient communication channels that can reach even the most rural communities, facilitating easy access to important information and services.”

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