Karaa: Revolutionizing Two-Wheeled e-Mobility in Uganda

By Mark Kawalya

For many startups in the mobility industry nowadays, sustainability is a key foundation. For Geofrey Mutabazi, the founder of Karaa electric bikes, this is not different. The young man, who is also a co-founder and head of product at Charge Ko, is on a mission to revolutionize the clean energy industry in Uganda. Against a backdrop of a deep passion for cycling and an understanding of the mobility challenges in Africa, Mutabazi believes there is an opportunity to tap into the economic development of clean mobility while mitigating the effects of environmental degradation.

Karaa is an electric bike charging, retrofit, and rental startup with a mandate of providing low cost delivery services to empower the youth while utilizing the surplus clean electricity in Uganda.

Mutabazi founded Karaa to solve mobility and energy challenges, with his passion for cycling as the catalyst that ignited the embers that are lighting up his startup.  All this, he hopes, will accelerate economic development in Africa, one e-bike at a time. Mobility and energy are on the same wavelength and are crucial components in keeping a country’s economy running. Uganda has a high youth unemployment rate, and with its clean energy sources, the country presents a unique opportunity.

Karaa provides e-bikes, and it is working on employing these youth in assembly and maintenance, as well as making delivery of services and products to small businesses affordable, with clean energy as the fuel for all this.

Karaa aims to transform the clean mobility industry in Uganda by providing a sustainable transport solution. The bicycles make use of locally crafted motors and battery systems that give riders a mileage of 60 kilometers on a single charge.

Riders can track their battery levels, activate the anti-theft system, and monitor speed using the firm’s user-friendly application.

 Karaa’s participation in the Qualcomm® Make in Africa Startup Mentorship Program marks a major milestone in the firms growth.This program is dedicated to supporting technology startups in Africa by granting them valuable resources and expertise.

By being a part of this initiative, Karaa solidifies its position as a frontrunner in delivering sustainable transportation solutions throughout Africa. Through the program, they have gained invaluable access to Qualcomm’s cutting-edge technology and extensive knowledge, thereby improving their electric bicycles and extending their market presence across East Africa.

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