KCB Bank Launches an Agent App to Boost Service Provision

By Mark Kawalya

The KCBU Agent App, a new banking application, has been unveiled by KCB Bank Uganda to provide customers seeking easy financial services with better, quicker, more easily accessible, and more timely service delivery. The app will increase KCB’s presence in Uganda across more than 150 agent locations. On Tuesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 14, 2023, the bank held a 2-day training at the Hotel Africana, where the platform was introduced to KCB Bank agents.

The executive director of KCB Bank Uganda, Agnes Mayanja Namyalo, while making remarks at the unveiling, thanked the agents for being good bank representatives and pledged the bank’s continuous support in supplying the required tools for increased client satisfaction.

She reaffirmed that KCB is a digitally progressive bank that keeps fostering innovation that guarantees high standards of customer satisfaction. She further encouraged the agents to embrace the different innovations fronted by the bank as the world continues to steer the path toward digitalization.

Namyalo said, “KCB is a digitally innovative bank that continues to introduce better innovations to push even better service delivery. With these innovations, we, as a bank, pledge to deliver timely transactions through our cutting-edge technological solutions.”

The application makes it possible for agents to open accounts for clients, make cardless and voucher-based withdrawals, float transfers, and make school fee payments through the application.

She added that since this application is on agents’ phones, they need to be mindful about the security of their phones. This is because con artists create fresh schemes for infiltrating banking systems. It is therefore the agent’s responsibility as the business owner to make security investments to prevent further losses.

The new development was welcomed by the agents, who also praised KCB Bank for paying good commissions, responding quickly to client inquiries, and consistently providing them with the necessary resources and training. Naluyange Mariam, a KCB agent at Avantgarde Technologies, was grateful for the efforts made by the bank to keep her and other agents informed of the rapidly advancing technological advancements. She said customer service will now be easier as the platform so far has been stable.

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