KCCA, Airtel and ATC Uganda, Partner to Launch 5G Smart Poles

By Mark Kawalya

Airtel Uganda, in partnership with American Tower Company Uganda (ATC) and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), have launched Smart Poles in sections of downtown Kampala. This is aimed at boosting telecommunication services in the City. The poles carry a range of telecommunications infrastructure that is designed to accommodate the ever-growing demand for high-quality data and voice services in urban areas that are highly populated.

A smart pole is a form of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) technology that is designed to resolve service gaps resulting from network interference. DAS technology is commonly deployed in large establishments like shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, and hotels that often have poor network reception.

ATC Uganda’s CEO, Dorothy Kabagambe Ssemanda, said there is a need for modern-day technology in urban centers that uses minimal space, is powered by sustainable green energy, and also provides the required infrastructure to support the telecommunications sector.”

She said, “ATC Uganda continues to lead the way in providing modern telecommunication technology, specifically for urban centers where the country continues to experience an increase in population growth, which has led to increased demand for high-quality voice and data services. “

Kabagambe added that the Kampala Smart Pole is a high-tech tower that is a workaround to service gaps as a result of mobile data growth needs in high traffic areas. The Smart Pole will also be instrumental in facilitating the transition to 5G technology, with ATC Uganda working with all telecommunication operators to support the transition.

Mr. Manoj Murali, the Managing Director of Airtel Uganda, expressed his gratitude for the strategic partnership with ATC Uganda that is directed at boosting the quality of telecommunications services in Kampala city. He explained that Airtel’s users sometimes experience intermittent network coverage due to high-rise buildings that interfere with the signals reach. He believes that Smart Poles will be a solution to this and enable the telecom to deliver on its mandate of keeping customers connected.

The launch of the Smart Poles is a noteworthy milestone by ATC Uganda, Airtel Uganda, and KCCA to modernize Uganda’s telecommunications sector.

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