MTN Renews Intelsat Contract to Expand Network Capacity in South Sudan

By Mark Kawalya

MTN is working with Intelsat, a satellite company, to boost its network capacity and enhance connectivity for enterprises in South Sudan. Similarly, the company plans to expand its mobile broadband coverage into rural communities across the country.

MTN is a multinational telecommunications firm that offers cellular network services and enterprise solutions in Africa. The telecom is deploying Intelsat’s cutting-edge connectivity infrastructure to diversify its services, reinforce network resilience and improve application performance to give the company a competitive advantage.

The launch of a new telecom, South Sudanese owned Digitel Telecommunications, into the market last year makes it imperative for MTN to strengthen its position in the market by offering competitive network services. During its launch, the South Sudanese President noted that Digitel Telecommunications would fast track network connectivity for remote areas in South Sudan that previously were not served by foreign-owned telecoms in the country.

Conversely, MTN has rolled out plans to meet its demand for broadband in South Sudan’s remote areas so it can cement its leadership position in the market.

Hans Geldenhuys, Intelsat Director of Africa Sales, said, “Intelsat has a long-standing partnership with MTN, and we are committed to helping the company expand its leadership position and meet the ever-growing demand for broadband in South Sudan,”

MTN’s South Sudan’s, chief technical and information officer, Chisanga Kaziya added, “We are pleased to be partnering with Intelsat. This agreement reflects MTN’s ambition to better serve its customers and provide coverage anywhere across South Sudan.”

As an operator of one of the world’s largest integrated satellite terrestrial networks, Intelsat is a leader in providing in-flight connectivity (IFC). The firm is considered one of the foundational architects of satellite technology, operating the world’s foremost satellite telecom network.

The firm is working towards building the world’s first hybrid, multi-orbit, software-defined 5G network that is optimized for simple, seamless and secure coverage that is available precisely where clients need it the most.

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