MTN Uganda and YoTV update their content catalog

By Mark Kawalya

MTN Uganda, the biggest telecom provider in Uganda, and YoTV have launched an exciting partnership that will offer clients a revitalized entertainment experience. YoTV’s super app is now one of the entertainment options to reckon with, with over 80 TV and radio stations, movies, music, comedies, children’s shows, and educational programming. 

YoTV’s content is accessible to users on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs, highlighting accessibility and ease of use. MTN Uganda is excited to announce a number of game-changing updates that will completely change the way you enjoy entertainment and solidify YoTV’s standing as a place to go for all of your entertainment needs. Some features of the entertainment app include:

  • Local and international news and lifestyle stations in one app. Clients will immerse themselves in live-streaming TV and radio stations of both local and international varieties. These will be able to be accessed from anywhere using devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.
  • Bi’naUganda movies in one app (Kibanda Express): This option offers a deep dive into the world of video-on-demand with local and authentic Ugandan films and translated international movies. Lovers of Ugandan-made content will be able to enjoy all the local drama, action, and authentic stories in the Kibanda Express category.
  • Ugandan music videos and comedy shows/skits (Bolingo Extra): This is a video-on-demand service filled with local Ugandan music videos and comedy shows/skits. Bolingo Extra will be enjoyed by music lovers who will have a platform to enjoy their favorite Ugandan artists across all genres.
  • Children’s content in one app (Muto) For the youngest members of the family, the Muto channel has been revamped to offer entertaining and educational content for children. Users are able to create profiles for their kids and send them on adventures with their favorite shows and characters in a space made just for them.
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