New Online Portal Eases Travel and Business for Ugandans in China

By Okello Joshua Oscar

Uganda’s Consul General Ambassador to China, Guangzhou, Judyth Nsababera has announced the launch of a new online portal aimed at streamlining travel and business dealings between Uganda and China. The portal, created in collaboration with PhD student Stuart Ssemujju of the South China University of China in Guangzhou, will provide an easy means of communication between the consulate and Ugandan nationals.

Speaking at the launch of the portal in Kampala, Ms. Nsababera explained that the portal will encourage participation in official, economic, cultural, and social events in the areas of accreditation. It will also facilitate access to investment conferences, business symposiums, and trade and tourism exhibitions.

With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in China, the only current requirement for travel to the country is a 48-hour PCR test, which does not have to be submitted to the embassy but only shown to the airline. The new online portal will enable the consulate to get in touch with Ugandan nationals and their families in case of an emergency.

In addition, the portal will also provide support to Ugandan travelers facing issues such as loss of passports, booking hotel rooms, and other problems they may encounter while in China. By registering on the portal, Ugandans can inform the consulate of their travel plans and receive support in case of any issues.

In conclusion, the new online portal offers a convenient solution for Ugandans traveling or doing business in China and provides the consulate with a way to assist and support their citizens in case of emergencies.

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