Review of the Kindle Paperwhite 2022

By Mark Kawalya

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2022 is a popular e-reader that offers a balance of features and affordability. The e-reader has a lightweight and comfortable design, making it easy to hold for extended reading sessions. It features a 6-inch screen size, which is the same as its predecessor but with a higher resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI). This makes reading text easier on the eyes, especially for those who wear glasses.


The Kindle Paperwhite 2022 is often discounted, making it a more affordable alternative to the Paperwhite. The ad-supported model costs UGX387,000, while the ad-free model costs UGX464,000. This makes it a budget-friendly option for those looking for an e-reader with a sharp display and increased storage.


  • Sharp Display: The Kindle Paperwhite 2022 features a 300 pixels per inch (PPI) display, offering a sharp and clear reading experience, especially for those who wear glasses.
  • Increased Storage: The base model comes with 16GB of storage, allowing users to store more books and content.
  • Adjustable Front Light: The device offers a fully adjustable front light, enabling users to customize their reading experience based on their preferences and lighting conditions.
  • USB-C Support: The inclusion of a USB-C port for charging provides a more modern and convenient charging option for users.
  • Battery Life: The Kindle Paperwhite 2022 claims a battery life of up to six weeks, making it an ideal choice for extended reading without frequent recharging.
  • The device also offers a dark mode, which helps reduce eye strain and improve the reading experience.


  • Lacks Premium Feel: The Kindle Paperwhite 2022 may not have the same premium feel as the Kindle Oasis, which could be a consideration for users who prefer a more luxurious reading experience.
  • No Waterproofing: Unlike the Paperwhite, the Kindle Paperwhite 2022 is not waterproof, which may be a drawback for those who enjoy reading near water or in wet conditions.
  • Limited Display Adjustments: The device lacks the ability to adjust the warmth of the display light, a feature available on the Kindle Oasis, which could be a factor for users who prefer this option.
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