Roke Telkom expands fiber networks into Moroto

Moroto remains one of the least developed areas in Uganda. Inhabitants of the area live a simple life with cattle grazing on the surrounding grasslands. Farming is mainly on a subsistence basis with food crops such as cassava, maize, and soybeans being cultivated, which make up the predominant breadbasket of the area. This simplistic narrative of Moroto is likely to change as technological firms extend their services to the area. 

ROKE Telekom, Uganda’s own locally grown data communications service provider, became the first telecom to expand its fiber network reach to Moroto in a bid to open up the district and improve communication barriers between the area and the rest of the country.

ROKE’s Chief Commercial Officer, Michael Mukasa, said the company’s main objective for introducing its network services to the region is to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity that will boost business growth for the corporate companies that are operating in the area.

 “Moroto is a district with opportunities for Ugandans, ranging from tourism, NGO activities, and agriculture, amongst other sectors. The pandemic hit and highlighted the need for communities to have steady internet connectivity to ensure continuity of business activities regardless of its effects, such as the lockdown, “he mentioned.

The telecom service provider is one of the reputable players that has provided reliable internet for Ugandans for the last 15 years. As a fully locally grown firm, the company was fully licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in 2006 as a Public Service and Infrastructure Provider.

Regarding the firm’s network expansion, Mukasa further noted that “It is key for us to identify the gaps, understand the needs, and offer reliable solutions that will be beneficial to the territory’s improvement. In this case, ROKE Telkom is offering broadband connectivity that will be a positive contributor to the already existing and new economic activities in Moroto.”

In its strategy, ROKE will focus on identifying gaps, understanding the needs the area has and offering solutions that will benefit companies and users that reside in the Moroto area. Primarily, the firm will be offering broadband connectivity that should be a catalyst for the progress of business activities in the district. 

“We anticipate an uptake in the different services that we offer to Moroto and its occupants, and pledge our commitment to offering innovative solutions and efficiency in our operations as we work towards improving and increasing connectivity across Uganda,” Amanya Atuhaire, the Brand Manager, ROKE Telkom, stated.

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