Roke Telkom Partners with GX Group to Boost Internet Experience in Uganda

Roke Telkom, a domestic telecommunications firm, has partnered with GX India, a world-renowned network solutions provider, to introduce cost-effective Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) products, which will enrich the online experience for users. The official announcement of this partnership was made at a press conference in Kampala, with representatives of GX Group and Roke Telkom addressing the significance of the collaboration.

Roger Sekaziga, CEO of Roke Telkom, highlighted the company’s commitment to raising the telecommunications bar in Uganda. With a focus on equitable broadband access, Roke Telkom deploys both fiber to the home and a blend of Fiber/Fixed Wireless Networks, serving both urban and rural regions. Sekaziga said that the company’s goal is to extend connectivity to underserved and unserved communities in Uganda.

He noted, “Our concern has always been that the huge cost of deploying fiber technology will consign the most disadvantaged populations to a slower digital lane. We believe that together with GX India, the transition from fixed wireless to fiber will be cheaper and faster, pushing fiber backhauls closer to homes that currently can only be served by wireless internet.”

Sekaziga added that “partnering with a global player like GX India will empower us to expand high-speed broadband coverage beyond our current footprint, all while minimizing the device costs associated with delivering fiber services.”

GX India brings distinctive solutions to Uganda’s telecommunications landscape, including AI-based optical network terminals and software, along with constant remote technical support, among others. This partnership will see GX India provide added features ranging from network device locking to customized solutions, screen printing, and Graphic User Interface (GUI) page customization.

Ashu Gupta, Senior Manager of GX Group-India and Africa, acknowledged Roke Telkom’s efforts to elevate the digital experience in Uganda. He affirmed, “Through this collaboration, we aim to leverage GX India’s expertise and resources to introduce innovative services and solutions that will reshape how our customers connect, communicate, and collaborate.”

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