Uganda 2024 Global Passport Strength Rankings Improve

By Mark Kawalya
The recent release of the 2024 Global Passport Index reveals new rankings for different passports worldwide. The latest report by Henley and Partners indicates that the Ugandan passport has moved to the 73rd position. This is an improvement from its 2023 standing at 77th. Among the 199 nations surveyed globally, Uganda now shares its passport power rank with the Philippines and the Cape Verde Islands.

The global passport power ranking is based on the number of destinations that are accessible to passport holders without a prior visa and their visa-free scores. The Ugandan passport has a visa-free score of 69. This makes it possible for Ugandan passport holders to navigate international travel with increased ease due to the numerous country’s citizens can visit without needing a visa.

Despite Uganda’s advancement in global passport rankings, it continues to trail behind neighboring countries, such as Kenya and Tanzania. Kenya presently holds the 67th position, boasting a higher visa-free score of 76, while Tanzania secures the 69th position with a visa-free score of 73.

Currently, 39 countries permit visa-free entry for Ugandan nationals. Additionally, Uganda allows citizens from 40 countries to access visas upon arrival in the country.  However, citizens from over 100 countries still require visas for entry into Uganda.

At the top of the global ranking, six countries; France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain share the first position, offering the most visa-free destinations to their passport holders. Finland, South Korea, and Sweden jointly claim the second position, while Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, and the United Kingdom secures the fourth position.

The enhanced standing of Uganda’s passport in the 2024 Global Passport Index is a positive development for the country. This signifies increased global recognition, presenting Ugandan citizens with expanded opportunities for visa-free travel. As Uganda strengthens its diplomatic relations and improves its global status, it is projected that the country’s passport rankings will see further improvements in the future.

Uganda’s climb to the 73rd position in the 2024 Global Passport Index is a notable accomplishment that shows the country’s dedication to enhancing international relations. It also indicates broadening opportunities for Ugandan citizens to explore the global landscape. With continued efforts, Uganda has the potential to elevate its passport ranking and fortify its global presence.

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