Uganda Airlines Launches Mobile App to Ease Ticketing

By Mark Kawalya

Uganda Airlines, the national carrier, has launched a mobile app that will enable users to conveniently access the carrier’s services using their mobile devices. The launch showcased the airline’s commitment to improving customer experiences using technology. Held at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, the event was attended by various stakeholders and media practitioners.

The app will streamline travel procedures, enabling travelers to experience convenience right at their fingertips. The Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Airlines, Jennifer Bamuturaki, said the launch was a key milestone in the carrier’s journey towards enhancing service delivery.

“The launch of the app means the customer is going to be able to seamlessly book a ticket on the app, pay for the ticket, check-in, and print the boarding pass,” Bamuturaki said. She further added that, “Usually, the customer would have to call in the call center to book a ticket, but now you will be able to interact with strictly Uganda Airlines and also be able to choose when you want to fly and also choose the flight.”

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, the app is designed to make travel planning, booking, and itinerary management as easy as possible. The app includes features such as flight booking, real-time flight updates, check-in services, viewing personal flight details and access to boarding passes, with the aim of streamlining the travel experience.

The app is also equipped with data security features such as encryption and authentication measures that safeguard passenger data. The Uganda Airlines mobile app will create more personalized interactions between the carrier and its passengers. This will make air travel more appealing to a wider customer base. Travelers can also create a profile on the app that will capture their data, eliminating the need for repeated input.

Uganda Airlines aims to stay abreast of technology by leveraging the capabilities of digital tools to enhance the overall travel experience. The application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices, bringing a new era of convenience for travelers.

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