Ugandan born Apple engineer Angellina Kyazike Unveils Ipad Air 2022 at world stage.

By Mark Kawalya

Angelina Kyazike, a former student of Gayaza High School, now working as the System Engineering Program Manager at Apple, introduced the iPad Air 2022 to the world during the Apple event. Alongside Apple boss, Tim Cook, Angelina not only made a stellar presentation, she flew the Ugandan flag high.

Kyazike has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Evansville in Indiana, USA. While at Gayaza high school, the science student majored in Physics, Economics, Mathematics, and Fine Art.

Previously, Angelina worked at Whirlpool Corporation in the capacity of Senior Analyst, System Integrator, Electrical Engineering for 8 years before moving to Apple. News of Kyazike showcasing the most current iPad caused excitement on social media, and netizens smothered her with praise and affirmation.

Clad in a pair of navy jeans, a simple black top, and a brown leather jacket with an infectious smile, Angelina displayed a mix of confidence and joy at being given the opportunity.

“Kyazike unveiling the iPad 2022 during the Apple event is huge. You have done us proud girl.” posted Suzan Mukasa. Another twitter user, Dr. Ian Cutress from the US, intimated that Angelina had a lot more energy than Tim Cook during her presentation and that she should have been the main presenter.

“I didn’t catch her name, but she has a lot more energy than Tim in this presentation. She should have been the main presenter-a great voice for this sort of stuff, “Cutress wrote in a tweet.

During an interview, Kyazike said, “I was not expecting the reaction that I got from Africans in general. I was surprised and grateful for all the people that reached out to congratulate me and tell me I was an inspiration. “

After 8 years working at Whirlpool Corporation, Angelina wanted to venture into a new industry and get experience in a field that was different from the home appliances that she had been doing.

“I wanted to work for a specific type of company so I applied at some of these companies which are; FAANG (Meta formerly Facebook), Apple Inc., Amazon, Netflix, and Google). I had been taught by my mother to always aim for the best, so I was determined to get into one of these companies.” she says.”

However, she wasn’t successful at first and many times didn’t get responses to her applications. After 6 months of applying for different jobs at Apple, she was finally called for an interview and made it a point to show herself worthy of being hired. She got the job and started working at Apple in December 2020 in the capacity of an Engineering Program Manager for new products.

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