Uganda’s Public Relations Industry to be Featured in Africa’s First-ever Sector Report

By Mark Kawalya

Uganda is set to be featured as part of the first ever report that will exclusively focus on the PR and communications industry on the African continent. This is in line with a statement by BHM Research & Intelligence which announced that from this year, their annual report on the Nigerian PR and communications sector will be expanded to cover the whole continent. More than 53 countries will be added that have a combined economy of more than $2 trillion and a 1 billion-strong population.

The 2022 Africa Report is a repository of verified facts and statistics on the continental public relations industry, resources that can guide practitioners in building better careers and analysis that can be used to guide governments and multinationals.The report is being compiled in partnership with firms such as Plaqad Incorporated, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), CIPR International, Africa Communications Week (ACW), the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR UK), Wadds Incorporated, ID Africa, and Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants, which is affiliated with MTN Uganda’s PR agency.

According to a press statement, Ayeni Adekunle, the BHM Research and Intelligence Founder, said, “Since we launched the Nigeria PR Report on January 29, 2016, we have witnessed the growth of the industry at home and abroad. Five years later, we are pleased to confirm that we are now expanding our research to cover a continent that holds plenty of promise for the global communications sector.”

With a count of 54 countries and an anticipated GDP of $5.6 trillion in four years, Africa is home to six of the ten fastest growing economies globally, despite accounting for only 17% of the world’s total population.

Similarly, African states currently account for only 3% of the world’s GDP.Moliehi Molekoa, the Managing Director of Magna Carta, an African reputation management firm, added that “PR professionals, now more than ever, have an increased duty to advise clients based on sound data and experience.

APCR will be one of the key sources of that data.We are filling a void within the industry, and this report will better equip us as professionals as well as businesses about the African PR landscape. It will provide valuable insights on how to build, manage, and protect reputations with the overall aim of elevating the role the industry plays in brand building.

“The Economist estimates that Africa’s combined population will reach nearly 2.5 billion by 2050, as well as be home to the world’s largest under 25 workforce, opening the door to tremendous opportunities for development.

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