Andela Rolls out Talent Cloud Platform for Global Tech Hiring

By Mark Kawalya

Andela, a private marketplace for technical talent, has launched the Andela Talent Cloud, an integrated, end-to-end platform that connects technologists across the world with businesses looking to expand their capabilities and skill sets. All talent profiles and skills assessment findings are completely transparent to IT executives using the Andela platform, which is an AI-driven all-in-one tool that makes hiring safe and informed.

The CEO and co-founder of Andela, Jeremy Johnson, stated that “market-leading organizations realize that rewriting their workforce strategies to include global, remote tech talent offers a distinct competitive advantage.” “The platform employs a smooth approach,” Johnson added. Andela helps businesses extend their teams and complete projects more quickly by fusing the world’s leading private talent marketplace with an AI-driven platform.

Unlike conventional hiring strategies such as internal recruiting, using consulting firms, and outsourcing, the company says that the Andela Talent Cloud offers clients faster hiring times, more flexibility, improved performance, and better trust. With a highly elastic resource pool and flexible hiring choices, the solution enables IT organizations to scale quickly and locate the right people for the right function at the right cost.

Using an integrated system, the platform helps firms find, qualify, recruit, manage, and pay global technologists, streamlining the entire hiring process. The hiring process can be completed in as little as 48 hours and is anywhere from thirty to fifty percent cheaper. Additionally, to reduce bias in talent-client matching, the Andela Talent Cloud uses the Talent Decision Engine TM (TDE), which utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and data- driven algorithms.

Andela Pay handles currency exchange and compliance while guaranteeing smooth international payouts in more than 100 countries. Moreover, Andela Connect streamlines the hiring process by integrating with well-known HRM platforms like Greenhouse and Beeline. It promotes effective, impartial, and internationally integrated talent acquisition with a 96 percent talent match success rate and up to 70 percent faster hiring.

“Our global client footprint requires us to deliver to anywhere from anywhere. To accomplish this, we need a balanced global talent strategy,” said Ikechi Okoronkwo, Global Executive Director, Advanced Analytics at Mindshare.

“We can quickly scale up or down using Andela in response to changing company needs. They help us quickly identify highly talented and highly motivated people who embody a delivery-focused culture. The skill immediately makes an impact and maximizes value for our clients,” Okoronkwo added.

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