Campaignity Technologies Develops an AI Chatbot For Your Business

By Mark Kawalya

Lately, artificial intelligence (AI) has generated a lot of discussion among various business entities and organizations as advancements in the technology take center stage worldwide. However, very few organizations, particularly in Africa, are implementing artificial intelligence use. This is beginning to change thanks to a few creative firms like Neexa AI.

Neexa is a Ugandan AI startup that is assisting Ugandan companies in boosting sales and growing. The firm is a product of Campaignity Technologies, a Ugandan firm that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of creating an automated marketing and sales system that would enable seamless business expansion throughout Africa.

“We hope that through our products, we contribute to an Africa where business growth is effortless,” Ethan Bampeire, CEO and co-founder of Neexa told PC Tech Magazine.

The firm initially collaborated with over 150 companies via Klark.IO to provide semi-automated marketing services. But they soon discovered that a lack of sales was the main obstacle, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

“Business owners were too busy running their companies on a daily basis to concentrate on turning leads into paying clients. Neexa AI was subsequently developed to assist these firms in employing artificial intelligence to effectively increase sales, according to information from Bampeire.

How Neexa AI functions

Neexa AI works for your company as a round-the-clock AI sales representative. It responds to inquiries and completes easy transactions. The AI may interact with visitors and clients using your WhatsApp business number or by adding a chat widget to your website. It guarantees immediate responses to your potential clients through your WhatsApp contact or website. 

Neexa includes a custom instructions section where you can provide specific guidelines on how to handle a particular situation. For example, tell your AI to provide your mobile money number to potential customers when they’re ready to buy.

The AI can function well even in the absence of customized instructions, particularly if your goal is to assist customers in making decisions promptly using rapid responses.

Configuration, Interface, and Cost Adding details about your company and its goods and services plus creating an account on the platform, and other standard setup procedures are straight-forward.

You can also preview the history to observe how the AI is interacting with users, giving you the option to take over any conversation in real time. Neexa offers a free version with 100 responses as an introductory offer. Paid plans start at USD$65 (about UGX250,000), primarily based on the number of responses you would require each month.

Businesses that sell directly to consumers (B2C)—especially those with a high volume of daily inquiries—benefit most from using Neexa. Yunga Technologies, the security company, and one of their clients, Jena Herbals, the manufacturer of Covidex, are two excellent examples.

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