MTN Uganda Partners with Huawei to Modernize Network and Prepare for 5G Launch

By Okello Joshua Oscar

Telecom provider MTN Uganda has entered into a partnership with Huawei Technologies in a bid to modernize its network and prepare for the launch of 5G capabilities. The partnership, known as the MUNA project, is part of MTN’s larger MUNIC strategy to evolve its network into an all-cloud core network.

The move will allow for greater service agility, innovation for both consumer and industrial verticals, improved operational efficiency, and better customer experiences with higher data speeds and reduced latency. The project will be overseen by Huawei for five years and will involve the unification of different legacy core network elements into a single, easy-to-manage cloud-native core network.

“Through this project, we are modernizing our core network to get ready for 5G soon in Uganda,” said Ali Monzer, the Chief Technical and Information Officer at MTN Uganda.

In 2020, MTN Uganda became the first operator in East Africa to demonstrate a 5G network. This modernization of the network is seen as a precursor to the commercial launch of 5G in the country, which is expected to bring about improved connectivity and increased innovation for both consumers and businesses.

The Ugandan Minister for ICT & National Guidance, Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has welcomed the partnership, stating that it is in line with the country’s vision 2040 which aims to transform society through the use of advanced technology.

This partnership is a testament to the commitment of MTN Uganda and Huawei Technologies to bring the latest technology to the country and support the growth of digital transformation in Africa. It will not only help to improve the quality of service for customers but also help to save on the environmental footprint by miniaturizing the telecom infrastructure.

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