Roke Telkom launches free Netflix streaming service

By Mark KawalyaRoke Telkom, a local service provider for voice and data-based communications services, has introduced free Netflix streaming using its app on the company’s Roke Plus Product “Chill on Chill”. The move is aimed at reducing the internet cost burden for its subscribers and is a first in Uganda. This has pushed the company ahead of other data service providers in the category of offering users affordable data plans for services like Netflix.Roke Plus is a product from Roke Telkom that offers competitive monthly internet packages to schools, businesses, and homes for day-to-day internet use.Micheal Ssonko, Roke Plus manager, while announcing the offer said that “Chill on Chill” has been made available for all Roke Plus users in Uganda. “Chill on Chill with Roke Plus is an offer to our customers that will enable each of you to access the Netflix app at no data cost 24/7. We have sought to make entertainment for our customers and Ugandans at large affordable with our all-new free streaming service. ” Sonko added.To be eligible for the offer, a subscriber needs to activate the Roke Plus package, which will automatically give them access to the free streaming feature courtesy of the Netflix app. “At a time where entertainment on Netflix has become a must-have, all a customer is required to do is subscribe to Roke Plus and they will automatically get access to the zero-rating on their Netflix.” Roke Plus costs Shs300,000 per month for 150GB of data, including the installation fees, and offers internet speeds of 10mbps. However, the speeds slow down as one nears the expiration of their data value. Netflix is quickly becoming a convenient source of entertainment for a section of Ugandans who use the service to unwind and destress. The offer comes at the heels of a plan by URA to offer Ugandans who use online services like Netflix. Roke Telkom was founded in 2006 as a barebones telecommunications service provider and has since morphed into a respected player, especially in the area of data service provision with their affordable internet packages.

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