Shakti Pumps to Roll out Solar-powered Water Supply Project in Uganda

By Mark Kawalya

Shakti Pumps one of India’s leading manufacturers of stainless-steel submersible pumps, pump motors, pressure booster pumps, inverters, and other products, has expanded its operations into Uganda. The firm has rolled out a solar powered piped drinking water supply project that more than 500,000 Ugandans living in 20 rural districts will benefit from.

The firm was awarded the USD$35.30m project by the Ministry of Water and Environment and is funded by the India Exim bank.

The project is a key undertaking by Shakti Pumps’ green energy plans in Africa and may lead to other partnerships with the firm in Africa.

The firm has set up a branch in Uganda that will be a center for its supply of water  equipment. Shakti Pumps has made a name for itself in international markets such as the Middle East and the US as a reputable partner and is looking to expand to other continents.  

Shakti Pumps Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Dinesh Patidar, while sharing his views, said, “We are extremely delighted to announce the implementation of our Uganda project, which is a key milestone for Shakti Pumps. This project is in line with our green energy plans in Africa and would likely encourage other African countries to partner with us for similar projects.”

Shakti Pumps started out in the core pumping solutions sector before manufacturing India’s first 100% stainless-steel pumps and energy-efficient motors. The company was later awarded India’s first 5-star BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) pump rating and currently produces more than 260 pump models that have been given 5-star ratings by the BEE

Shakti Pumps has more than three decades of experience in water supply equipment; is driven by quality, and is one of the most cost-competitive pump manufacturers in the world. The firm is one of the largest in the domestic (Indian) and global markets and is renowned for developing highly robust products offering advanced water pumping solutions. These new-age products comprise solar energy-operated pumps, electric pumps, and solutions that are used in the agricultural, industrial, and commercial sectors.

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