Uber Enhances its Boda Drivers’ Safety Through Partnership With Driving Schools

By Mark Kawalya

Uber has entered into a partnership with driving schools in Kampala in a move that will see the ride-hailing firm offer training for its UberBoda drivers. The firm is working on a solution that will ensure that its drivers are equipped with safety skills. This will follow the completion of the certified training that will highlight the modules they have completed on traffic regulations. 

The Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Driving Standards Agency (UDSA), Mr. Innocent Muhangi, said the body is committed to improving the Boda Boda driver’s road competencies and improving road safety in Uganda as a whole. “We are pleased to collaborate with Uber to provide Boda Boda drivers with the requisite training to equip them for safe driving,” he said. 

The CEO further reiterated the body’s commitment to playing a critical role in boosting existing public transportation infrastructure in ways that create more economic opportunities for Ugandans. 

Motorcycle taxis, locally known as Boda Bodas, play an important role in moving people and goods across cities in Uganda. Additionally, the sector is a significant income source for hundreds of thousands of young men in Kampala and in different parts of the country as a whole. Uber has made it their priority to commit to this safety initiative and establish local partnerships to bolster safe Boda Boda operations. 

Since launching operations in Uganda during 2018, Uber has been a source of earning opportunities for thousands of drivers using the firm’s platform. Through this initiative, more Ugandans will not only have a better chance at economic growth but will also be empowered with the skills to make money on the road safely. 

“We are proud of the investment we have made across Uganda to empower the men and women that drive for Uber. Safety is of utmost importance to us, and this is why we are collaborating with driving schools to provide training to Boda drivers on road safety, given the widespread usage of Bodas in Kampala,” said Frans Hiemstra, General Manager, SSA, Uber.

Uber’s technology is based on an open and pro-choice framework, which means that the application is available to anyone that is looking for a flexible earning opportunity.

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