Uber Launches a More Affordable UberGo Ride Option

By Mark Kawalya

A new suite of product options has been announced by Uber Uganda that will see the firm offer its clientele more ride choices.

The ride hailing company has launched a ride option dubbed UberGo that will replace UberX, the ride option that has been more affordable. While not done away with entirely, UberX will be marketed as the new premium ride product, with UberX Saver ceasing to exist.

With a minimum fare of Shs13,000, this option will offer drivers of smaller hatchback vehicles with low fuel consumption, to attract a higher demand rider and open up further earning opportunities for them.

As of now, drivers on UberX have the option of cross migrating to UberGo to take advantage of the new ride option.

On the other hand, UberX will have a ride fare of shs14,400 and is the high-end product for clients that are looking for a more comfortable ride experience.
This product enables riders to have more trip customization options, such as connections to top-rated drivers (with a 4.84 minimum rating) and newer vehicles.

“Uganda is a key market for Uber in Sub-Saharan Africa. As we grow, we are committed to rolling out a suite of products that demonstrate our understanding of the local market. As we expand and launch new products, drivers will have access to more earning opportunities, and riders to reliable and convenient modes of transportation,” Imran Manji, Head of Uber East Africa said.

The company says it is dedicated to offering support and empowerment to its drivers, who work day and night to transport people on the go. The new prices are designed to enable drivers to navigate the increase in vehicle operating costs so that they can continue offering a quality and safe ride service to residents.

Uber prioritizes its service with both UberGo and UberX, offering the same safety features such as Driver Injury Protection, GPS tracking, screening and background checks for drivers and 24/7 support.

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